Principal's Message Zama City School

Zama City School is unique,  it is the most northern school in Alberta. Our school has the support of the entire community and local businesses. The school community reaches out to the community and the community in turn offers students great experiences and expertise.

Classes are taught by a certified teacher and are multigraded. Our school ranges from K-9. Supports from the school division include : supplying a teacher’s assistant for students with severe needs, and offering the assistance of coordinators for Mathematics, Language Arts and behavior. In addition, I come to Zama each week to relieve the teacher for an afternoon. I teach skills in Health, Character Education  and Art.

Last year, a Parent Council was formed and parents attended bi monthly meetings. Parents focused on forming a new library and planning a week long field trip. We are excited to have such a motivated group of parents on this council.

Zama City School encourages student voice and participation in school decisions. We offer many opportunities to build a multitude of skills, ranging from car maintenance to animals life cycles. We welcome student ideas for courses that build skills, our community offers much expertise in delivering these courses. This school year,  our students will elect a Student Council. They realize that having a student council gives them a forum to be heard and it gives them the ability to make things happen at Zama City School.  

Zama City School commits to the Fort Vermilion School Division's philosophy: Building Success - one student at a time.  Students are encouraged to reach their maximum potential academically, as well as socially.

Zama City school is unique because it is the most northern school in Alberta, yet it offers a terrific education to its students.  We look forward to a great school year in 2016-2017.